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Number of Issues 11
Acceptance Rate 46
Time to Accept (Days) 79
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Number of Articles 61

The journal of research in urban planning and architecture of "Environment Identity" is a specialized research which publishes the achievements of respectable researchers, professors, and students in the urban planning and architecture field. This journal accepts and publishes full text researches and scientific studies in two languages of Persian, English.

To contact with the journal's office,correspond via the e-mail address,, or via the manager of the journal, Ms. PourHosein, through her number +989199736030

 Dear writers and researchers, please note that this journal accepts and publishes full text articles in two languages of Persian-English.                                                                                                                                                        

The Study and Research Bases in this Journal are as Follows

  • Urban and regional planning, urban management, urban and architecture design.
  • Applied Theoretical approaches and researches in the environmental identity of urbanism and architecture.
  • Environmental identity analysis in planning, development of the architectural and urban areas.
  • Geological structure and scheming the user templates of earth, habitation,urban economy.
  • Identifying the native patterns and analyzing the residential system in the planning and urban and architecture design.
  • Analyzing and  theorizing the quality of life in the areas, development and planning.
  • Futurology in the urban planning and architecture subjects.

The Study and Research Bases of Special Issue

urban planning and architecture researches with the focus on identity in highland residence

Credit Type: Scientific specialized research (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance), applying for receiving scientific credit from ministry of science, researches and technology

  • Release Sequence: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2716-9782
  • Arbitration Type: Ambiguous Unknown
  • Average Arbitration Time: 2 Months
  • Joursnal' Language: Persian-English Full Text
  • Release Type: Electronic and Printed
  • Access type: Free (Full Text)
Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 11, February 2023 

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